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The Blade Payments Engine
The BPE is payments hub built to process mass payouts from multiple clients and multiple funding sources to multiple payout options across varied 3rd parties, such as ACH networks, debit cards and cryptocurrencies. The API platform is microservices-based and incorporates functional modules comprised of a responsive user interface, user onboarding, card fulfillment, payout program management, authorization processing, messaging, settlement reconciliation, and administration
Accepts any currency and seamlessly handles the conversion across everyday payment networks.
The engine's architecture is primed for flexibility. You can use our API to build your own authorization and payments application.
The BPE is a microservices-based platform that tokenizes, encrypts and securely stores client information.
Our Story
The Blade tech platform was built by a team of payments experts averaging over 20 years experience in payments, processing systems development and integration, and program management.

The first “bitcoin debit card” platform, the system architecture was largely informed by engineers that built systems for the CBOE and what became (via acquisition) the platform for Google Wallet.

The Vision
The Blade platform was built out of frustration towards the deeply entrenched silos in the payments world; the inability, for example, to easily pay people direct to their bank account or to a payment card, or the impossibility to spend cryptocurrency on a debit card.

The team envisioned a world where people and business could keep their money in many places and use one hyper-connected service to send it and spend it wherever they want, without having to jump through hoops.

Create dynamic and powerful payments applications or services, with our BPE-API
See the BPE-API
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The BPE software and code is available for license. email the below address to find out more.
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