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The Blade Payments Engine
The BPE is our core payments platform. Blade's platform-as-a-service powers cross-entity payments, connecting companies, banks and merchants in unprecedented ways. Users can link a payment device (eg: card, phone app) to their funds in multiple, separate accounts and be able to use that one device to spend funds from varied sources.
Accepts any currency and seamlessly handles the conversion across everyday payment networks.
The engine's architecture is primed for flexibility. You can use our white-label solutions or use our API to build your own.
The BPE is a micorservices-based platform that tokenize, encrypt and securely store client information.
The Company
Our Story
Blade is a team of payments experts averaging over 20 years experience in payments, processing systems development and integration, program management and regulatory compliance.

The team is made of executives that have launched or integrated over 30 payment programs with millions of accounts and billions of dollars in annual transaction volume. We know that while payments work well at scale, its the "last mile" interfaces that create so much friction for users..

Our Vision
Blade is a B2B service--we contract with banks and provide payout services to employers. We see the gig economy turning into "the economy" over time.

We envision a world where people and business can keep their money in many places and use one hyper-connected service to send it and spend it wherever they want. Keep your money where you have it and pay people when they earn, without having to jump through any hoops.

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